Pre-bookings are possible only on sex and not on the phenotype.
They are available all year round:

  • on a litter that we announce,
  • on the next litter we will do if it has not yet announced,
  • on future potential litter of one of our rats on which you'd cracked.

To do this, here's the procedure:

  1. see our terms for adoption
  2. send me your responses to our questionnaire adoption by mail ( or by Private Message (PM) on our forum. Your pre-booking will be accepted based on your responses to the questionnaire (only if unanimously after reading  by us and the owner of the male) so you have to respond conscientiously.
  3. you register on our forum: here in order to monitor the pregnancy / pups and come and give news of pups adopted from us after their adoption

Once your request for pre-booking is accepted, we register you on our list of adoption request.
Once the pups have opened their eyes (about 15days) and that ourselves and the owner of the dad chose the pups that we want to keep, we start the final booking in the order of our reservation list (of Hence the interest in pre-book early to be located in the list).
When your turn comes to choose, if there is not pup suits you, you can withdraw your booking and then we move to the next person.

Because we don't ask deposit, we reserve the right to cancel a pre-booking or reservation in case of problems with the prospective adopter.

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