Terms for adoption

Our terms for adoption


_ To accept all the terms of our adoption contract and comply

You can view it HERE.
We comply with you when you come the day of adoption of your pup.


_ To be agree to answer our questionnaire adoption
You can view it HERE.
The answers are send me:

  • Either by mail: superdoudou59@hotmail.fr
  • Either by contact form HERE
  • Either by Private Messaging (PM) on this forum: http://rateriedunennvial.forumactif.net

It is based on answers you will provide me that I will judge your seriousness and that I will accept or reject your adoption request.
Without answers to our questionnaire, I wouldn't take in consideration your reservation request.


_ Accept the asking price for the adoption.
You can view it HERE.

_ To find yourself a solution to fetch your pup:
For that, several choices:

  • Either to fetch it/its at my home in Mellier (Belgium, Luxembourg province)
  • Either to fetch it/its at the station of Marbehan,
  • Either to find a carpool,
  • Either I can eventually get around to bring it/its to you (in the limit of my possibilities) with a contribution of 0.25 cents / km (toll charges apply).


_ To be agree to give news at least once a month of pup(s) adopted

  • Either on this forum: http://rateriedunennvial.forumactif.net
  • Either by email: superdoudou59@hotmail.fr


_ Minors must fetch pup(s) with their parents, or in case of inability on their part, provide us a written certificate signed by parents and assuring us of their agreement.
Where appropriate, the adoption will be canceled.


_ Notes:
Pups are physically sevrables at the age of 3 to 4 weeks, but our policy is to leave them with other pups of their sex and with adults of their sex to their 6 weeks so they learn the basics of sociability with other rats.
Thus, pups can be adopted only for 6 weeks.
Thank you for your understanding.




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