Adoption questionnaire

Here is the questionnaire that we ask to fill out all those who wish to adopt a rat from us:

The rat concerned :
  • On what litter do you want to adopt :
  • Sexe of pup you want to adopt (if pups aren't already born):
  • Pup you want to adopt (if pups are already born):
About you :
  • Name & Firstname :
  • Age :
  • Address :
  • Phone number :
  • e-mail :
  • Are you registered on rats forums? If yes provide them and your pseudonym on them:
  • Have you a website, blog…about rats ? If yes, please provide links :
Your home and your roommates :
  • If you are a tenant, are you allowed to have pets ?
  • If you live with your family are they informed and agree with this adoption process ?
  • Are there any allergy or asthma problems in your familly ?
Pets (other than rats) that currently reside with you :
  • Type :  
  • Do those animals will live or come in contact with the room where rats adopted will live?
About the adoption :
  • Have you learned about the needs of pet rat ? If yes, by what sources (Feel free to quote websites links, names of books...) ?
  • For who do you want to adopt this rat ? 
  • Who will take care for this rat ?
  • Do you know a veterinary surgeon specialist about rats (give me the name and adress) ?
  • How many could you pay in veterinary expenses for this rat ?
  • In what cage this rat will live (photo + dimensions) ?
  • What bedding will you use ?
  • If you have males and females, do they live separated by sex ?
  • What feeding will you give to your animal? What candies ?
  • In what room your animal will live ?
  • Are you a smoker ? If yes, where do you smoke ?
Your rats and you :
  • Do you have rats currently?
  • If yes, how many, how old and what sex are they?
  • If no, have you ever had rats ?
  • Dig you ever get rid one of your rats?
  • If yes, why?

Every Day

  • How many time in a day will you spend with your rat?
  • How often and for how many time will you let him go outside the cage ?
  • In what place(s) ?
  • Il you have males and females, how do you organize their outputs ?
  • If you have other rats, how do you intend to make the integration to the little new rat ?
  • What will you do with your rat if you decided to go on holiday?
  • What will you do with your rat if you decided to move house ?
  • What will you do with your rat if one of your room-mate becomes allergic?
  • Do you breed your rats ? What are your breeding éthics ?
  • Do you intend to reproduce this rat ?


Others informations you deem useful to give about you and your rats'life:


   Feel free to argue and and put photos, because it is based on this questionnaire that I select prospective adopters.

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