Hygiéne -


      Our motto: good hygiene for good health.

Bad hygiene can lead to health consequences of our companions: respiratory problems, pododermatitis...

We can't make living our rats in a bubble, and they must also do their immunity, but a minimum of hygiene and appropriate bedding material can already save them some troubles.


     Our cleaning habits

We wash:

  • the feeders, the drinking fountains, the houses and the floors once a day,
  • the entire cage thoroughly once a week,
  • cages / aviaries regularly with karcher
Our rats have also provided bins that we fill with kitty litter. They defecate in it and like it very absorbing we have no odor problem. It is very convenient because we can empty and disinfect daily, so the cage stays clean.





     Our cleaning products

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     Their cages / aviaries bedding





     Their bins toilet's bedding

Non-clumping cat litter dust free




     Their boxes for transport's bedding

"No smell" bedding


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