Males' aviary

Homemade aviary version 2.0
Built in: 2009
Size: 100*50*180cm
It houses 12 males

Females' aviary

Homemade aviary version 3.0
Built in: 2010
Size: 100*50*180cm
It houses 10 females and 1neutered male

Nuton's aviary

Aviary Ferplast
It houses Nuton, ouneutered male agressive and asocial

The incubator

Cage for rats postoperatively, or rats in hypothermia, or orphaned pups.

Old rats' cage

Homemade cage
Built in: 2011
Size: 100*50*50cm
It houses3 males

It can be separated into 2 vertically and the left side can serve as an incubator with an infrared lamp system.


For mothers parturition and pups growth from birth to eyes opening.

Discovery learning cage

For pups from eyes opening until their 4,5 weeks and their mothers.

Others cages
photos à venir

We have many others cages for quarantine, integrations, rescues...

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