About us

About us

Superdoudou Mr doudou
  • 29 years old
  • Equine dentist and sales assistant in estate agency
  • webmaster of Raterie du Nennvial
  • 30 years old
  • veterinary surgeon
  • superdoudou's husband


  • September 2004: superdoudou meets Bleuette, her roommate's rat. This rat was for her a revelation... passion for rats was insinuated into her.      
  • November 2004: Olivier, superdoudou's friend, give her a little albino, it was a little rat he had just rescue in a laboratory. It was her first rats...the first in a long serie.
  • 25/10/2005: first litter for superdoudou, Mr Doudou begins to look more at the rat's world
  • 20/10/2006: superdoudou creates the Raterie du Nennvial's website
  • 26/06/2010: doudou's marriage.
  • 18/03/2013: Minidou's birth,. There ill be someone to take over. ^^
  • 22/12/2012: Death of our friend, Missbouchon. So a have received Flo and co tribe in remembrance of Missbouchon.
  • now: doudous are more than ever in love with their rats and their family consists of 21 rats.  

Our beliefs: 

We are in no way a professional breeding, we see ourselves as a small family Rattery making occasional litters.
We don't search a profit: Our goal is not to replicate our rats in order to sell the pups for profit and money adoptions do not cover all costs of the litters.
Indeed we reproduce our rats only when we want to keep at least a descendant of their reach and that is when we make adopt their brothers and sisters.

The aim of our Rattery is also by the selection of parents (about health, character and also on the physical characteristics, genealogy) breeding pups healthy non-consanguineous, with a good character and highly manipulated since birth.





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